YiTzung Precision Machinery Corp continues with Kim Ho Sheng Iron Factory and as it a predecessor since early 1946. For advanced managerial principle, it changed named to YiTzung Precision Machinery formally on 19 June 1979. Inherited with long history and good business images in the field of professional manufacturing of rubber and plastics machinery. Major mechanical processing includes rubber / EVA material mixing, kneading, calendaring, coating, sheeting and cooling etc. with wide product applications like auto or motorcycle tires, shoe soles, radiating elements for quartz screen, silicon rubber products, medical and daily use as well as industrial rubber products. Yi Tzung introduces more than 20 different products with global sales network covering over 50 countries. Excellent qualities and after sale services have won incredible appraisals and trusts from customers all over the world and number of international quality certifications:

  • 1998 ISO 9002
  • 2003 ISO 9001: 2000 EDITION

Yi Tzung processes its own advanced casting factory and 85% of self-made component. Strict quality control is carried out from design, casting, processing, mechanical assembly, electrical design and setup etc. and its major product range is as follows:

  1. Intensive mixer
  2. Dispersion Kneader
  3. Mixing mill
  4. Calender Products List
  5. Twin Taper Screw Roller Head Extruder
  7. Batch off machine Products List
  8. Laboratory dispersion Kneader Products List
  9. Reclaimed rubber machinery Products List
  10. Stock blender for rubber & plastic
  11. Ket Conveyor
  12. High performance raw rubber cutter Products List

Further more, Yi Tzung has the ability to export turn-key professional manufacturing plant and would like invite all the business frontrunners to visit and share the experiences.